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Dr. Tom Godbout is wonderful! I've been seeing him now for awhile. My last chiropractor sort of fell off the face of the earth and I had been wanting to find a new one but I kept putting it off. Then after several weeks of waking up in the morning and being unable to actually bend over to pick something up off the floor, I decided enough was enough. That was probably about a year ago. Dr. Godbout adjusted me and gave me some stretches to address the specific places I have pain and while I haven't been perfect (ahem) about doing the stretches (he better not be reading this) I am happy to say I am now in a place where I don't need to see him more often that once a month and sometimes longer. Mostly just for a tune up. He knows what he's doing and he does it very well. If you have back pain, hobble over and he'll fix you up!

Lisa B.

Dr. Godbout has been a great help to myself and my family. I require an adjustment about four times a year just to realign my spine because I put a lot of stress on it with miles of running and biking. My husband has sciatic flareups that are always calmed down with two adjustments. During lacrosse and volleyball season my 12 daughter usually has quite a bit of low back pain. I attribute it to overuse of growing muscles and a growing body all trying to work together. She sees Dr. Godbout every six to eight weeks and she feels great. She writes me little notes on my calendar to "call Dr. Tom". We have referred Tom to many families and we see friends, neighbors and teammates every time we go in. Being a dad of three, he knows how to connect with the kids and make them feel comfortable. Our life is full and busy and Dr. Tom keeps us rolling and feeling good.

Marcia B.

Today I was a new client to this practice. I had a great adjustment. I like the full adjustment treatment style and received that here. Professional and friendly staff. Great hours. Can't wait for my next treatment.

Julie G.

Excellent care. Very happy to have found their chiropractic service. Also offers a nutrition program.

Allison H.

I have been going to Dr Godbout since he first opened in his glenview location. He has helped me through many injuries over this time. He agreed with my orthopedic to have back surgery 5 years ago and has helped with many muscle flare ups since then. This is my first experience with a chiro and i couldn't be happier. He is down to earth, great office and always willing to accommodate you.

Nicole K.

Dr. Godbout is an EXCELLENT Chiropractor - knowledgeable, friendly, gentle and effective. So happy to have him nearby!

Cathy S.

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